About Akriform

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We Do It All in Plastic

Are you looking for a dinosaur skeleton made from plexiglas®, a bulk food dispenser, brochure display, or a custom product tailored to fit your needs? We do it all. Big or small from the EU, to the United States, Asia and everywhere in between- we have products and plastic solutions to fit your needs.

Akriform is a leading manufacturer of products made from plastics such as; acrylic, PET, polycarbonate, etc. Our team of designers and engineers develop plastic solutions for retail, medical, entertainment, governmental and industrial industries.

Akriform is considered a leading expert, within our field, for over 3 decades. We specialize in 4 main plastic solutions groups; Bulk Merchandising, Custom Products, Standard Products and Plastic Materials.


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Value Added Solutions

We combine our 30+ years in the plastic industry, with our local and global knowledge of the market, to develop value added solutions to meet and exceed our customers’ needs. Our in-house design and production allows us to provide short lead times and complete quality control.

With a team of leading industry experts in design, engineering, production, business and merchandising we are confident in our products and service. Akriform has a wealth of experience as a problem solver and supplier of total plastic solutions.

Our Swedish roots provide a backbone for our expertise in effective product merchandising. Deloitte ranked Sweden #1 in the “Q ratio” category in “Switching Channels Global Powers of Retailing 2012.” The Q ratio measures retailers’ ability to distinguish themselves from competitors using store layout, design, superior shopping experience and strong brand identity.