1980: Akriform as it is known today, began in 1980. Claes Engström and his partner purchased a small plastic business. This operation began in a cellar in Stockholm, Sweden, with 1 employee.

1985: To handle growing demands, Akriform moved about 15 minutes north of Stockholm to Sollentuna.


1990: Akriform grew to about 10 employees with sales at about 6 million kroner.

1993: Claes Engström became the sole owner and CEO of Akriform Plast AB, with 15 employees. Akriform moved production and headquarters to the current facility in Sollentuna, Sweden.

1997: A second floor was added to the production facility to accommodate the growing in-house production team. Akriform became one of the first plastic companies to start using a laser cutter for production. The expansion of the facility allowed Akriform to swell to 25+ employees.


2000: Akriform grew to 40+ employees with sales at 30+ million kronor.


2010: Akriform once again out grew the facility and expanded production to 3,600 m2. Akriform added an additional laser cutter to meet sales demands. Akriform also introduced its first injection molded scoop bulk bin, the Quickbox. The Quickbox offers many new to market features and reached sales of over 100,000+ bins within the first year. Akriform began working with distributors to expand into emerging bulk bin markets.

2011:  Akriform once again lead the industry in purchasing a 5-Axis CNC milling machine. Additionally, Akriform purchased a very large state of the art oven to meet a customer’s need for stadium lighting and future projects.

Today: Akriform has around 50 employees, sales total about 60 million kroner and our plastic products and displays are sold around the world.

2013: Akriform introduces the TurnOflex Gravity Bulk Bin.



Akriform headquarters and production facility in Sollentuna, Sweden. Three decades of leading the industry in plastic innovation.