Bulk Retailing Benefits

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Merchandising Impact

Optimize retail space – offer a large variety of products within a small area.

Flexibility and customization of bulk bins and fixtures provides unique branding opportunities and the ability to complement the store’s environment.

Bulk foods provide a vibrancy of colors and activity, creating a consumer destination within the store.

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Sales & Profits

Increase sales per square meter/foot.

Increase impulse shopping = increase bottom line

Better gross margins. Bulk foods carry a higher profit margin than packaged foods on average.

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Customer Satisfaction

Customers can select the products themselves allowing the opportunity to pick favorites and try new products.

Create a fun, creative and shopper-friendly retail experience for consumers.

Increase impulse purchasing and build customer loyalty.

Customers have the ability to “Shop Green” and save money when buying bulk.

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Environmental Conservation

Reduce resources and energy required to produce product packaging and lower environmental impact from transportation resources.

Reduce landfill waste from cans, boxes, cartons and labels.