Pribox® Scoop Bin

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Pribox® scoop bin with minimal label and maximal product exposure. Slow self-closing lid, angled front, contour design and first-in-first out product rotation.
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Easy to assemble and with a smart design for better packing, distributing and storing. Individual slide-out feature for easy refill and sugar tray that collects all sugar, salt and crumbles.


Injection Molded Scoop Bin

The Pribox® Scoop bin system provides; space utilization, stock rotation, easy use and merchandising appeal. Pribox® is engineered to minimize retail operational cost and drive sales in the product category. The display combines flexibility with design and function. The bin has a slow self-closing lid and individual sugar tray. See below for additional features.

Whether you need one bin or have a bulk superstore, Akriform is ready to assist you in realizing your bulk retailing goals.

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What is a Scoop Bin and Scoop Bin Fixture?

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Pribox® is patent protected and Normpack certified for containing food stuff.