Quickbox Scoop Bin

DSC01050 L 150x150 Quickbox Scoop Bin   Akriform DSCF1604 L 150x150 Quickbox Scoop Bin   Akriform
Quickbox with sugar tray, sweetlock hinges (for slow self-closing lid) and ridged walls. Slow self-closing lid, angled front, contour design and first-in-first out product rotation.
Quickbox liten1 150x112 Quickbox Scoop Bin   Akriform DSC01108 L e1353329800627 150x150 Quickbox Scoop Bin   Akriform
Customizable sugar tray, scoop and lighting for each Quickbox bin. Individual slide-out feature for easy refill. Adaptable to fit virtually any fixture.

Injection Molded Scoop Bin

The Quickbox Scoop bin system provides; space utilization, stock rotation, easy use and merchandising appeal. Quickbox is engineered to minimize retail operational cost and drive sales in the product category. The display combines flexibility with design and function. The bin has a slow self-closing lid and individual sugar tray. See below for additional features.

Whether you need one bin or have a bulk superstore, Akriform is ready to assist you in realizing your bulk retailing goals.

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