18119 Pribox Påfyllnadstratt

Pribox® Filling Funnel

Art.#WidthDepthHeightPriceAdd to basket
18119240 mm200 mm130 mm18,66 €

Tether for Scoop

color = transparent

Art. #DescriptionWeightPriceAdd to basket
17222Tether for Scoop.01 kgContact Akriform
Scoops Quickbox 150 ml

Scoop 150 ml

Contact Akriform for additional color options and pricing. Logo branding available.

Art. #ColorWeightPriceAdd to basket
17223-1Red.032 kgContact Akriform
17223-2Orange.032 kgContact Akriform
17223-3Green.032 kgContact Akriform
17223-10White.032 kgContact Akriform
Attachable single scoop holder for merchandising fixture

Scoop Holder

Art. #DescriptionPriceAdd to basket
17655Scoop holder, white67 SEK
15032-0011Scoop holder, transparent67 SEK
Funnel to fill bulk merchandising bins

Filling Funnel

Art. #DescriptionPriceAdd to basket
17277Funnel to fill bulk merchandising binsContact Akriform
Sphere display for candy with lid made of acrylic

Sphere Display

Art. #DescriptionPriceAdd to basket
02260Sphere Display: Diameter = 310 mm351 SEK

Clear Bowl

measurements in millimeters

Art. #DiameterHeightPrice (1-50 units)Price (51-99 units)Price (100 - 500 units)Add to basket
16340170150130 SEKContact AkriformContact Akriform
16350230220195 SEKContact AkriformContact Akriform
Bag Roll Holder for bulk merchandising fixture

Bag Roll Holder

Art. #DescriptionPriceAdd to basket
81102-0005Bag roll holder130 SEK