18101 Pribox skopmatare

Pribox® Scoop Bin

Includes: Base bin, beam, self-closing lid, top lid with label holder and sugar tray.

Art.#WidthDepthHeightVolumeWeightLabel sizePriceAdd to basket
18101297 mm394 mm196 mm15 L294 x 40 mm34 €
18110 Pribox Skedhållare, clear

Pribox® Scoop Holder

One or two scoop holders can be mounted on the Pribox® Scoop Bin.

Standard color is transparent. Can be delievered in different colors upon request.

Art.#WidthDepthHeightColorPriceAdd to basket
1811082,5 mm50,6 mm150 mmTransparent1,66 €
18110-182,5 mm50,6 mm150 mmRed1,66 €
18115 Pribox Avdelare

Pribox® Divider

Divder for Pribox® Scoop Bin.

–  with 1 divider: 2 sections, 7.75 L/section

–  with 2 dividers: 3 sections, 5 L/section

Art.#WidthDepthHeightPriceAdd to basket
18115359 mm-154 mm2,44 €
18119 Pribox Påfyllnadstratt

Pribox® Filling Funnel

Art.#WidthDepthHeightPriceAdd to basket
18119240 mm200 mm130 mm18,66 €
18101-1 Pribox Baslåda

Pribox® Base Bin

Art.#WidthDepthHeightVolumePriceAdd to basket
18101-1295 mm371 mm177,5 mm15 L19,10 €
18101-3 Pribox Balk

Pribox® Beam

Art.#WidthDepthHeightPriceAdd to basket
18101-33 €
18105-5 Pribox Påfyllnadslock

Pribox® Top Lid

Art.#DescriptionWidthDepthHeightWeight PriceAdd to basket
18105-5-60PB Back lid with label holder 295 mm153 mm45 mm3,11 €
18101-2 Pribox Plocklock

Pribox® Self-Closing Lid




Art.#WidthDepthWeightPriceAdd to basket
18101-2294 mm216 mm4 €
18101-4 Pribox Sockerlåda

Pribox® Sugar tray

Art.#ColorPriceAdd to basket
18101-4White2,44 €
18105-5 Pribox Gångjärn

Pribox® Hinges

Art.#ColorPriceAdd to basket
18105White1,77 €
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