Quickbox sugar tray with no scoop holder

Quickbox ( No Scoop Holder) Sugar Tray

Article #WidthDepthHeightWeightPriceAdd to basket
17201-5155 mm210 mm15 mm.1 kgContact Akriform
single scoop

Sugar Tray with 1 Scoop Holder

Contact Akriform for additional color options and pricing.

Art. #ColorWeightPriceAdd to basket
17226-1Black.115 kgContact Akriform
17226-2Red.115 kgContact Akriform
17226-3Orange.115 kgContact Akriform
17226-4Green.115 kgContact Akriform
double sccop

Sugar Tray with 2 Scoop Holders

Contact Akriform for additional color options and pricing.

Art. #ColorWeightPriceAdd to basket
17227-1Black.118 kgContact Akriform
17227-2Red.118 kgContact Akriform
17227-3Orange.118 kgContact Akriform
17227-4Green.118 kgContact Akriform
Quickbox scoop bin top lid replacement part

Quickbox Top Lid

Article #WidthDepthWeightPriceAdd to basket
17201-4222 mm225 mm.145 kgContact Akriform
Quikcbox scoop bin lable holder replacement part

Quickbox Front Label Holder

Article #WeightLabel SizePriceAdd to basket
17201-2.137 kg210 x 164Contact Akriform
Quickbox scoop bin slow self closing lid replacement part

Quickbox Self-Closing Lid

Article #WidthDepthWeightPriceAdd to basket
17201-3219 mm220 mm.123 kgContact Akriform

Sweetlock Hinge

Art. #DescriptionWeightPriceAdd to basket
17661Sweetlock hinge, right.007 kgContact Akriform
17662Sweetlock hinge, left.007 kgContact Akriform
Akriform corner display shelf front for loose products

Shelf Front for 1/4 Corner Display: 4 Piece Kit

Product included kit for 4 levels of shelf fronts

Art. #HeightPriceAdd to basket
17274-1150 mmContact Akriform
Acrylic divider for corner display for shelf fronts

Divider for 1⁄4 Corner Shelf Fronts

Art. #DepthHeightWeightPriceAdd to basket
17274- 7 290 mm210 mm.23 kgContact Akriform
Acrylic Bin for Display Island

Bin for 1/4 Corner Display

Glued Acrylic Bin for Corner Displays

Level 1 ( 2 pcs per level)

Level 2 ( 2 pcs per level)

Level 3 ( 3 pcs per level)

Level 4 ( 4 pcs level)

Art. #DescriptionPriceAdd to basket
172021/4 Corner Bin Level 1Contact Akriform
172031/4 Corner Bin Level 2Contact Akriform
172041/4 Corner Bin Level 3Contact Akriform
172051/4 Corner Bin Level 4Contact Akriform
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