Akriform at the 2014 Sweets and Snacks Expo in Chicago

The Sweets & Snacks Expo takes place in Chicago at McCormick Place West from May 20th to May 22nd. This year’s show will be the largest show ever. The Sweets and Snacks Expo is expected to attract more than 15,000 candy and snack industry professionals from 90+ countries. More than 620 exhibitors will showcase candy, […]

Bulk Retailing: 6 products that are perfect to sell in pick & mix displays

Do you remember going to the candy store as a kid? One of the best parts of that experience was getting to create your own goody bag from the bins of different candy. Over the last decade, different stores and venues have taken this concept and put a modern twist on it. With the help […]

What is Acrylic and How Does it Work? The Coolest Acrylic Projects!

What is Acrylic and How Does it Work? Poly(methyl methacrylate) (PMMA) is a transparent thermoplastic, most commonly called  Acrylic or Plexiglas. PMMA is the scientific name for the material derived from the chemical compound. PMMA is most commonly called Acrylic by most plastic industry professionals and individuals familiar with plastic materials. Plexiglas (commonly misspelled “plexiglass”) […]

Euroshop 2014

EuroShop 2014: Overview of the Trade show The original EuroShop Trade Fair took place in 1966 and has developed into one of the world’ largest retail investment trade fairs. The trade fair has grown from about 300 exhibitors from about 10 countries with attendance at about 28,000 in 1966, to over 2,000 exhibitors from over […]

“Maximising Sales”- Akriform in Sweets & Snacks World

Maximising Sales Sweets and Snacks World, Confectionery Production 20 December 2013 Robert Engström, director of operations for bulk merchandising at Akriform Plast considers strategies to help retailers and suppliers maximise confectionery sales. What is your strategy to remain relevant to the confectionery customer of tomorrow? Despite difficult economic conditions, the global retail industry as a […]

ISM 2014 – The candy industry’s most prominent trade show

ISM stands for Internationale Süßwaren-Messe which is German for “International Sweets and Biscuits fair”. The 2014 ISM: The Future of Sweets show will mark the 44th annual trade show. ISM is the candy industry’s most auspicious trade show with over 110,000 m2 of gross exhibition space.  ISM considered among many as the world’s largest and […]

Akriform Closed: December 23rd – January 6th

Akriform will be closed from Monday, December 23rd through Tuesday, January 6th in observance of the holiday season. Akriform will reopen on Tuesday, January 7th at 8:00am. We apologize for any inconvenience this might cause. Happy Holidays from all of us at Akriform!  

2014 Tradeshow Calendar

Akriform has a full trade show calendar next year: ISM, EuroShop and Sweets & Snacks. If you will be attending any of these trade shows, we would like to meet with you! Akriform will exhibit our Pick & Mix candy display solutions. Akriform will partner with Candy People for ISM and Sweets and Snacks. ISM: […]

Blog: Is plastic the right material for me to use?

What is Plastic? Plastic is the general common term for a wide range of synthetic or semi-synthetic materials used in a growing range of applications. Different common types of plastic include; polyethylene terephthalate (PET or PETE), polycarbonates (PC), polypropylene (PP), polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA or acrylic),  etc. Plastics are organic and made from several raw materials. […]

Akriform custom acrylic project used in Obama/Reinfeldt joint press conference in Stockholm

(Photo: Martina Huber/Regeringskansliet) By Akriform Plast AB – September 12, 2013 US President Barack Obama recently visited Stockholm, Sweden, for the first-ever bilateral visit by a US President to Sweden. Akriform Plast AB from Stockholm, Sweden, was proud to be a very small part of the historic event. Akriform Plast AB was commissioned by the […]