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Order Information for Standard Products

Pricing is determined by quantities purchased. Please specify the quantities when placing an order to help ensure an accurate quote.

For customized options please specify your inquiry or call our sales department directly on telephone +46 (0) 8 625 99 80.

Using the Online Order Form

To order from the website visit the “Pricelist” webpage of the product that you wish to order. Online ordering is available for Bulk Merchandising, Standard Products and Materials.

Please input the quantity for the product you wish to order. You must click the icon to the right of the quantity box to input your order into the order form.

When all the products you wish to order are in the “shopping cart” click the orange button “To order form: Products” on the top portion of the website.

In the order form, please fill out all the information. If you are an existing customer, please input your customer number in the appropriate box. If you are a new customer, please leave the box blank.

Once you have submitted your form, you will be contacted within 2 business days to discuss your order.

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