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The Easybox Candy Dispenser fits directly in the manufactures candy containers. Place the candy container into the Easybox dispenser and turn it into a scoop bin with a lid that is easy to remove and keep clean.


Easybox is a system where the candy container is mounted into a dispenser solution. By replacing the candy container lid with the Easybox dispenser, the can is transformed into a candy bin that is easy for the customers to pick from.

The Easybox construction consists of only 3 parts, is easy to use and fits the manufacturer’s standard candy containers (3 liters).


fixtures for easybox

Akriform offers two standard size options for the Easybox candy display:

Fixture for 16 candy bins, or
fixture for 24 candy bins.

Both fixtures have bag and spoon holders as standard. 4 extra dispensers can be placed on the top of the fixture.

Label holders are ordered separately.

Easybox kassett-lösning
Easybox Gallery
Easybox kassett till godislådor
Easybox display at petrol station
Easybox kassett till godislåda
Easybox display at petrol station
Easybox display at SIWA in Finland
Easybox kassett-lösning
Easybox candy dispenser
Easybox med leverantörslåda
Easybox with candy container
Easybox framifrån
Easybox front view

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